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In collaboration with the KELSA and District Legal Service Committee, a Clinical Legal Education and Services Centre for administrating practical and parallel justice education to student lawyers. and for provi.ding Legal Services and Legal aid to the eligible people as well as to conduct popular legal education and liberal legal literacy programmes along with the mutual participation of the student lawyers and general public. The centre is rendering its support for the conduct of Lok Adalats and Gramena Grievances Redresscl Sytems since 2004. onwards.

Legal Aid Clinic

Lok Adalat, as the name suggests, means, People's Court. “Lok" stands for “ People" ansd “Adalat" is the “Court”. The salient feature of Lok Adalat is that it ensures participation, accommodation, fairness, expectation, voluntariness, neighbourliness, transparency, efficiency and lack of animosity besides being suitable to Indian environment and culture. Ever since the advent of Legal Services Authorities Act,  1987, pursuant to Article 39 (A) of the Constitution of India, the Lok Adalats have gained statutory recognition. The Act has constituted legal service authorities to provide free and competent legal services to the weaker sections of the societies so as to ensure that the opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disabilities. It also provides for organizing Lok Adalats in order to ensure that the operation of the legal system promotes justice on a basis of equal opportunity. The scheme also helps the overburdened Court to alleviate the arrears of cases. Thus the ultimate objective of the institution of Lok Adalat is to guarantee speedy and effectivejustice to the millions of improvised citizens. The laws schools can play an important role in facilitating this objective. Traditionally law schools taught the theory of the law whilethejob training of legal professionals was left to the Bar in the form of apprenticeships. However, this was found to be insufficient and a need was felt to counter- balance this with practical experience. To meet the new challenges of the present legal system. It is imperative that the law schools provide clinical legal education. The moot courts, seminars, role plays etc helps to gain practical experience most effective mechanism are “legal dispensaries" or legal aid clinics. These clinics can ensure access to justice in a non court- centric manner. Here under privileged persons could come for free consultation and advice. Not only as the students 0»?-I. benefitted but also the indignant and the needy. 

Mega Adalat held on 27/03/2011

The Government Law College, Thiruvanathapuram, the oldest law college in state of Kerala with the glorious history of 135 years has initiated many ventures in academic and non academic field during the past years. This prestigious institution has been extending his helping hand to the downtrodden millions from 2010 onwards. To the extend the arms of justice still further, the college along with District Legal Service Authority conducted on MEGA ADALAT on 27-O3-2011.The. Mega Adalat was V inaugurated by Principal District and Sessions Judge, Thiruvanathapuram, Sri K Ramakrishnan. ln his inaugural speech he i called at the parties to the dispute to  approach the subject of dispute by setting A apart their ego so they can arrive at an V amicable settlement. He sought the co- V. operation of the parties to the dispute in V settling their cases. Prof. S. Usha, Principal,  Govt. Law College, Trivandrum in her it presidential address said that this is the first  time the college is organizing a Mega Adalat and from now onwards this will be a regular activity of the college. The Legal Aid Clinic convener, Prof. K R Regunathan, Corporation Councilor Mary Pushpam and Legal Aid Student Convener V Vishakan spoke on the occasion Students of the college a detailed survey in two wards of the Trivandrum Corporation and collected different types of disputes. ln addition to above various courts and forum forwarded their long pending cases to the Adalat for settlement. Five courts were in session at mega Adalat. The courts were presided over by the Family Courts Judge E M Muhamed Ibrahim, Fast Track Court Judge C S Abdul Jabbar, Former District Judges V Thulasidharan and V Francis and Former Sub- Judge R K Soman. In deciding disputes they were assisted by Advocates S Shija, Shiju K Unnithan, TV Pritha, Mahesh MJ and Anitha G S. District Judge K Ramakrishnan provided necessary guidance for the uninterrupted functioning of the Adalat. 

Thirty one long pending cases referred from various courts were conclusively decided at the mega Adalat. Even though a total of 250 cases were referred to the Adalat only in 102  cases both the parties to the C  dispute were present. Among the 102 cases 18 cases for compensation from the KSEB have been decided and a total of Rs.8,85,500/- were awarded as compensation in these cases. Of the 35 cases referred from the Family Court only 5 were decided. Of these parties to one case who were spouses living apart went together after the decision. Of the four cases from the Vanitha Commission decision were arrived in 3 cases. Three Complaints referred from the police stations in the city were considered out of which one case was settled in the Adalat. All the four cases in which LIC was the respondent were partially decided and sent for the Insurance Authorities

approval. The Adalat undoubtedly helped the students to understand real problems of different strata of people. They got an opportunity to intermingle with factual situation of different types of litigations. They also gained practical knowledge of criminal, civil, consumer, compensation and variety of legal disputes pending before various courts in the district. Major areas of litigation and number of disputes forwarded for settlement.

. Electricity O.P ......................... .. 108

. Family Court Cases ..................... .. 57

. Women's Commission ............... .. 41

Police Complaints ...................... .. 39

. Miscellaneous ........................... .. 27

Mega Adalat was indeed a grand success both in terms of participation and outcome. It reinforced the fact that ‘Justice’ must become central to the law curriculum and community based learning must give the decide value orientation in the making of a lawyer.