Green Campus
Principal's Message

Dr. R. Biju Kumar


The object of education is to bring out the latent good qualities and virtues in human beings. Truth, righteousness, love, empathy, nonviolence and altruism are the basic values which everyone should inculcate and put into practice in his thoughts, words and deeds. A good lawyer should be an ideal human being. Legal education should bring out the skills and virtues necessary for a humane and righteous lawyer.

There was a time when lawyers profession was considered as the noblest profession. Lawful claims of illiterate people were presented before courts of law by utilising the skill and eloquence of educated youths who could convince the judge, the nature of their clients grievances. Later, this service took the form of a profession. In the early stages, lawyers did not demand any fees for the service rendered by them. As a token for the service rendered, the clients used to deposit small coins in the small pocket on the back side of the lawyers gown. Thus the lawyers profession is not a liars profession. It is a charitable mission  in which  the skills of the lawyer  are used to help the needy to prove their lawful and truthful claims before courts of law. The seven lamps of advocacy vizhonesty, courage, industry, wit, eloquence, judgment and fellowship are their armaments in this mission. Law students and legal professionals should remember the objectives of  their profession and use their knowledge and skill for social welfare so as to uphold the dignity of their career.