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Right to Information


The College, authorities have designated one among the faculty members as Assistant Public Information Officer, the Aministrative Assistant of the College as Public Information Officer and a Senior Faculty Members as the Appellate Authority under the Right to Information Act- 2005  so as to furnish information to the requestors accordingly and to deal with appeal there upon. RTI Act 2005 and corresponding orders from competent authorities are applicable to those designated functionaries.

According to the provisions of RTI Act, 2005 the Government College of Law, Thiruvananthapuram has published its Citizens's Service Charter consisting of the structure, constitution, authorities, functionarIes and functions of different officials of the college and institutions annexed with the college. The different service rendered by the college for the public, their prescriptions, conditions, procedure, period for providing such services their charges or fees etc. also mentioned as part of the charter. A grievances redressel mechanism has been deviced and incorporated within the charter. The details are available here.